About LanguageWorks

LanguageWorks, a division of Ubiqus, is a premier language service provider dedicated to helping brands communicate effectively with audiences around the world. With an international network of offices across North America and Europe, LanguageWorks extends service coverage and flexibility to its clients globally.

Whether crafting end-to-end foreign language solutions for web-based projects, written document translations, print materials, voiceovers / interpretation assignments or any other multilingual services, LanguageWorks has the master linguists, cultural experts and industry insiders to execute your global communication needs on schedule, on budget and on target.

We test, quality control and manage a worldwide network of over 5,000 translators and interpreters in over 100 languages and our extensive linguistic resources allow us to provide clients with on-site and in-country language professionals who are familiar with local linguistic preferences, anywhere in the world. We pride ourselves on our strict vetting and selection process, as all linguists are required to meet stringent quality standards set forth by our Quality Management Systems as well as from certifying bodies such as the American Translators Association.

LanguageWorks employees are widely recognized as the best in the business. Our highly experienced Project and Client Relationship Managers and talented value-added specialists boast an average of eight years of direct, in-industry experience, ensuring our clients have access to the most expert care at every level of the organization and every step of the process. Production staff are fluent in multiple languages — many are from or have lived and worked in other countries, adding depth to our linguistic and cultural knowledge, which leads to a greater appreciation of translation quality and a deeper understanding of clients’ needs.


Founded in 1993, LanguageWorks was one of the few translation businesses worldwide to attain ISO certification.

Since its inception, LanguageWorks has successfully completed over 80,000 projects for thousands of clients. Our persistent search for value-centric solutions led us to develop a robust and extensible workflow and project management platform that ensures accuracy, efficiency and process control in all of our projects.

Today, the firm is recognized both by clients and peers as uncompromising on linguistic quality, unparalleled in creating productive partnerships with clients, and singularly focused on achieving each client’s end goal.


At LanguageWorks we work with a purpose: continual improvement in the service of our clients’ needs. We make sure to allow ourselves the opportunity of working closely with clients to truly understand their specific needs and processes. We foster a collaborative community of professional linguists, employees and clients in order to create and perpetuate industry-leading services. We pioneer new offerings that qualitatively raise the level of problem-prevention, efficiency and customization for our clients. We seek to be colleagues and partners with clients, the kind our clients wouldn’t think twice of recommending. We strive for balance, always growing personally and professionally.



  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • LanguageWorks is ISO 9001:2008 certified by the British Standards Institution to: “Facilitate global communication by providing foreign language translation, editing, proofreading, and cultural analysis. Additional services include on-site interpreting and document review, foreign language page layout, conversion of web sites into multiple languages, and multilingual voiceovers for radio spots and video productions.”

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