Frequently Asked Questions

LanguageWorks helps clients expand their business by providing expert, scalable and customizable language services. Our unbeatable combination includes work of the highest caliber, rapid turnaround times, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service.

Collaborating with carefully-selected linguists who have proven subject-matter experience, we leverage our industry expertise and technology know-how to provide streamlined, cost-effective solutions. Our industry-leading Quality Management System yields 99+% accuracy and timeliness rates.

LanguageWorks has been ISO certified since 2005.

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Enterprise Solutions

I’m a procurement manager with a global company and need an enterprise-wide solution. Do you work with companies like ours ?

LanguageWorks specializes in handling large document collections in over 100 languages on an enterprise-wide level and for all lines of business. Our systems are designed to provide convenient, web-based access to hundreds of individuals in various departments throughout your organization, and our terminology management tools ensure that your translations, messaging and branding are consistent across the entire company.

Typesetting Solutions

What is Graphics Localization and how does it fit into the translation process ?

Effective language is just one aspect of communicating with diverse audiences…your visuals are equally important and meaningful. Graphics Localization is the process of creating foreign language versions of images, charts, or visual icons that are used in print and/or digital materials. Our Graphics Localization team is one of the most experienced in the industry and we know how to maintain your brand integrity in a culturally appropriate manner regardless of language.

Specialized Terminology

Our industry has a language all its own, which those outside the industry often misunderstand. How can we be sure that your translators will understand our materials ?

We specialize in a wide variety of industries and we are acutely aware that each vertical has specific vocabulary, and that each organization within an industry may have its own terminology preferences. Within our international network of translators we have subject matter experts in every industry which we serve, and we can help create and implement for you company-specific style guides, glossaries and Translation Memory databases to ensure that our linguists become experts in your branding and messaging.

On-site Interpretation

I need an interpreter for my upcoming meeting. Which is better to use…Simultaneous or Consecutive Interpretation ?

If your meeting involves a small group of people in a close setting, like a deposition or an interview, Consecutive Interpretation will likely work well and be the most cost-effective. Larger groups and venues, such as conferences and town-hall meetings, may require Simultaneous Interpretation. This service frequently requires the use of microphones, headsets and other audio equipment, which LanguageWorks can supply along with professional interpreters. The use of either service will depend on your needs, and we will work with you to provide the solution that is right for you.

Language Nuances

I need to have a document translated for a particular country, but I do not know which dialect is spoken there. Can you help ?

Our highly skilled and trained project managers can advise you on which language is appropriate for the country in question. For countries where multiple languages are spoken, they will work with you to determine which languages and dialects are suitable for the region and the intended target audience.

Rapid Turnaround

Can you accommodate projects that need to be completed within a few hours or overnight ?

If it’s humanly possible, we’ll plan a way to meet your needs without sacrificing quality. With our international network of over 5,000 professional linguists, we can assemble teams of any size to work around the clock.

Translation Memory

What is Translation Memory and what benefits can it provide ?

In essence, a Translation Memory database stores your approved translations with the matching English source, so that repeated content may be repurposed every time. It is not machine translation. This technology allows for greater consistency and terminology integrity, faster turnaround times, and lower translation costs to you.

Marketing Research

Can you help with the translation and localization of research surveys in print and on the web, as well as IVRs ?

By using sophisticated text extraction and re-insertion technology specific to the marketing research industry, we’ll not only translate your survey questions accurately, but we’ll also make certain that they are presented in each of the media formats necessary to collect your survey data.

Quality Management

Do you have a Quality Management System ?

LanguageWorks has been ISO certified for its Quality Management System since 2005. The system encompasses three main areas: a well-developed process for vetting professional linguists, ongoing training and monitoring of in-house project management and localization engineering staff, and highly defined operating procedures.

Customer Care

There is nothing I hate more than handing a project over to a vendor and not hearing back or getting my calls ignored. How do I know I will not get lost in the shuffle ?

We understand this frustration and will ensure that this experience never happens to you here. For every project, we assign a dedicated client relationship manager available 24/7, who will be your day-to-day contact on every project and who will be responsible for always keeping you informed.

Font Management

How can I be sure that Asian languages and other complex font sets will appear and print correctly ?

Font management is a crucial part of any project involving Asian, Indic or Middle Eastern languages. LanguageWorks has the experience and tools to get the job done right. From encoding double- or multi-byte fonts and outlining language for use in QuarkXPress, to post-typesetting review and linguistic QA, our expert teams of page layout and graphic proofreading professionals will ensure that your materials print and display correctly in any language.

Pricing Options

We have a very large volume of discovery documents that needs to be translated. Do you offer discounted translations or alternative translation options ?

Based on the size and scope of work, LanguageWorks may provide volume discounts. In addition, we have developed a specialized service called FIPO (“For Informational Purposes Only”) translation: an ultra-fast, economically-priced service utilized when a client needs to understand the gist of the materials without incurring the expense of our three-step, certified translation service.

Web Localization

What services do you offer to convert customer websites and other web-based applications into foreign languages ?

LanguageWorks’ expert staff of highly-trained web localization specialists has experience in all types of online content. From internationalization consulting and content extraction, to the localization of graphics, validation and testing of websites, we will craft solutions and services that will maximize the effectiveness of your online presence.

Value Proposition

I have never had translation work done before and I’m not sure how to go about it. How can I be sure I’m getting good value ?

LanguageWorks will always supply you with a free, detailed quotation on every project. The quotation will break down the exact costs of all services provided and we can walk you through the entire translation process to familiarize you with all the variables involved. We will provide you with all the information you need to make the best informed decision possible.

Regulatory Approval

Can you translate materials in accordance with stringent in-house and external regulatory requirements ?

LanguageWorks regularly serves the needs of clients in highly regulated industries, such as Financeand Life Sciences, and our stringent Quality Standards are designed to ensure that translations are completed within the standards set by both external regulatory bodies and internal compliance departments.

Translation Technology

What document formats can be used with Translation Memory ?

Translation Memory technology is powerful and versatile. It can easily be used in conjunction with MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, HTML or XML. For other proprietary data formats, we provide customized text extraction and reinsertion technology so that the benefits of Translation Memory can be easily leveraged.

Global Consultants

I am not sure if the images and pictures used in our materials will be accepted and understood across different cultures. Can you advise us ?

Images, pictures, symbols and even color schemes can be interpreted differently depending on region, nationality and culture. What’s appropriate and culturally acceptable in one country may be inappropriate or even offensive in another. LanguageWorks’ cultural experts can provide you with cultural analyses and guidance needed to ensure that all aspects of your materials express your message and meaning in a culturally appropriate manner.

Certified Translations

Do you certify your translations ?

LanguageWorks can supply notarized certificates of accuracy for any translation, upon request. In accordance with our ISO certified procedures, these certificates will satisfy the requirements of all government offices and courts in the United States and abroad.

Product Packaging

Do you translate product inserts, labels and instructions ?

Beyond providing translations which meet our ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certifications, LanguageWorks ensures that any and all technical documents, patient education materials, labeling and packaging, and customer marketing materials meet regulatory requirements and are appropriately localized regardless of media or format.

Audio/Video Production

Is LanguageWorks capable of handling end-to-end multilingual audio production ?

Localization of audio is an intricate process involving the experience of a large number of professionals: transcriptionists, translation teams with cultural adaptation expertise, voice talent, audio engineers, and bilingual directors. Trust LanguageWorks to assemble the necessary team and see your project to successful completion from start to finish.