LanguageWorks’ Management Team

LanguageWorks is a dedicated foreign language solutions firm that has been owner-operated since inception and is exclusively focused on solving language issues faced by major companies and organizations. Every business decision is based on the best long-term interests of clients, and we have no outside investors or partners pressuring us to do otherwise. We believe that LanguageWorks is uniquely qualified to be your optimal translation vendor, as we are large enough to offer the breadth of services of any major competitor within the language services industry, while at the same time small enough that clients will receive the attention of our senior management.

Name  Title  Email
Joanne Bove Chief Executive Officer
Anthony Cosimano Chief Operating Officer
Raymond Monette Vice-President – Information Technology
Kevin Hudson Managing Director – Translation Services
Danielle Shavell Director – Quality Assurance & Vendor Management
Cherrell Paige Marketing Manager
Elizabeth Cook Human Resources Manager


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