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What Clients Across the Nation Are Saying About LanguageWorks


“This is a wonderful relationship…”

“We are very happy with your work, services, response time, flexibility, knowledge of various languages, and the manner in which you advise us on various project types. This is a wonderful relationship and we look forward to building this into a true and trusted partnership together.” — Trisha R., Sr. Marketing Manager of Multicultural Marketing at a financial firm

“…A terrific partner!”

“Thank you so very much… I am always all about saving the bank money! You are a terrific partner!” –Margaret N., Vice President of Product Communications at a global financial firm

“…Allowed us to clearly communicate disclosures to our customers…”

“Thank you again for your assistance and willingness to handle this… Your partnership has allowed us to clearly communicate disclosures to our customers under a very demanding timeline” –Tiffany T., Debit Card Marketing at a commercial bank

“…The quality of the video caption was just perfect!”

“…The quality of the video caption was just perfect! Font was nice and clear, and line feed was just right. Thank you!” –Sagiri, Japan office at an international advertising agency

“…I’m very, very impressed…”

“I’ve worked with other translation companies in the past and I’m very, very impressed with the professionalism you and your company have shown on these projects. You’ve made my job easier, and I’m sure I’ll be working with you again in the future.” –Patti M., Senior Traffic Manager at a marketing communications company

“…Commitment to getting the job done right was fantastic.”

“Just wanted to thank you and your team…for such terrific work. You guys were wonderful to work with and your commitment to getting the job done right was fantastic. Anyways, I passed your information to my colleagues and I am going to highly recommend your services to anyone in the company who needs translation work.” –Lisa B., Senior Account Executive for a healthcare advertising agency

“…Strength and accuracy…”

“…I wanted to drop you a quick note to say that we have received comments from 3 sets of foreign counsel (China, Greece and Austria). All three have commented on the strength and accuracy of the translations (which is a compliment that I personally have not heard from them before). So, thank you to you and your team from us.” –Andrew B., Associate at a law firm

“We could not have done this without you…”

“…Thanks in very large part to LanguageWorks’ terrific support during the two weeks leading up to the filing, we were actually able to file electronically and get the service copies of the papers out the door by about 9 pm on Friday — we didn`t even run close to the midnight deadline! I cannot thank you and your team enough for your swift and fine help on the English-Portuguese/Portuguese-English translations. We could not have done this without you, and we are grateful.” –Janis B., Partner at a law firm

“… Always seem to come through in clutch situations.”

“Your firm has solidified itself in my mind, as well as most of the attorneys and legal assistants working on the CDR matter, as being the “Go To” firm since you always seem to come through in clutch situations. For that, I thank you.” –Salvatore P., Litigation Coordinator at a law firm

“…Helped me out immensely.”

“Everything worked out perfectly; thank you so much. The Word document that you provided with all languages, including the newly added ones, alphabetically ordered and formatted, helped me out immensely. This new IFU has been approved, printed, and is now being circulated in many countries. Thanks again for your help. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and everyone else from LanguageWorks.” –Lisa V., Regulatory Specialist at a medical device manufacturer

“…We think you and your company are an amazing resource…”

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything. I know that there are a lot of details — but the bottom line is we think you and your company are an amazing resource — and I just wanted to thank you personally for making my job easier.” –Rachel K., Technical Communications Manager at a medical device manufacturer

“We really appreciate the extra effort…”

“Thanks, LanguageWorks team! You are the best! We really appreciate the extra effort you put into your work.” –Rob N., Account Executive at a pharmaceutical advertising agency

“…Give my highest recommendation…”

“…I wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU…  There was a recent situation where I needed LanguageWorks’ translation services over the weekend (on top of that… a two-day turnaround)… and the team were able to do this without hesitation. Their help made my weekend and gave me great reassurance on the completion of the task. I truly enjoy working with Language Works and always give my highest recommendation to other co-workers here.” –Jenny M., Project Manager at a marketing research firm

“…Hard work and superior customer service.”

“If I haven`t said so before, I really appreciate all the hard work you`ve put into this project. I truly enjoy working with all of you from LanguageWorks because you are so dedicated to your jobs and to providing a quality product for us. Not to mention that you go above and beyond by proofing previous translations and finding errors that we didn`t know existed. Thank you again for your hard work and superior customer service. You have been wonderful to work with on this project.” –Bridgette B., Project Coordinator at a marketing research firm

“…Love working with LanguageWorks…”

“I really appreciate your help. A lot of people around here love working with LanguageWorks and I can definitely see why. Thank you for being so helpful and accommodating.” –Stephanie H., Project Administrator at a marketing research firm

“…Excellent service. I was impressed…”

“I really appreciate your excellent service. I was impressed with the fact that the production person who worked with my InDesign file knew to add a layer for the Chinese, while leaving the rest of the file as provided. While I only handle a few translation jobs per year, I`ll always send them to you and your team at Language Works.” –Scott F., Visual Communications at a hotel/resort company

“…Increasingly astounded by how good you guys are…”

“We are increasingly astounded by how good you guys are at this. Thank you again for the translatability assessment.” –Natalia M., Editorial Assistant at an entertainment production company

“… Just one more example (of many) that reaffirms my preference to use LanguageWorks…”

“…I really appreciate your going the `step beyond` to help us understand what we need to do to introduce our products into our emerging markets in Latin America, South America and Eastern Europe. This is just one more example (of many) that reaffirms my preference to use LanguageWorks as our translation house…” –Leo H., Senior Technical Writer at a consumer products firm

“…Absolutely wonderful!”

“We think they are absolutely wonderful! Our reps are very pleased with the translations and think they will make a big impact in their markets! I will let you know details throughout the year, with sales, etc. in these markets. Thank you again for all of your hard work, and we look forward to working with you again.” –Dana S., Marketing Administrator at a commercial playground-equipment manufacturer

“Thanks to you and your team…”

“We had a good meeting today. Having the video of Martin, who leads one of our three `franchises`, was great. It not only conveyed the content of the video but also indirectly reinforced the global nature of our business, which is particularly important to us at this time. (Of the 15 members of our executive team, Martin is one of four who is not based in the U.S.). Thanks to you and your team for making this possible for us.” –Jennifer M., Director of Internal Communication for a manufacturing company

“…You are helping us in a marvelous way.”

“Thanks for everything you are doing to help us move this process along. I know you have key people at LanguageWorks who are helping you; please send me their names. We would like to thank them personally. I know we have made this very difficult for your team, but you are helping us in a marvelous way. Thanks again.” –Linda C., Senior Manager, e-Marketing department at a manufacturing company

“…I could not have met my deadline without you!”

“Thank you again for… LanguageWorks’ help with this project. I could not have met my deadline without you!” –Ryan C., Communications Coordinator for a consumer packaging company

“I just want to spread the word about LanguageWorks.”

“I just want to spread the word about LanguageWorks. We used them to translate some of the training materials for foster parents and they did an excellent job. The turnaround time was great. The services were very professional. In fact, they checked every resource listed to make sure the information was current. LanguageWorks also checked to see if the resource websites had information in Spanish, etc. Amazing!” –Tracey L., Advocacy Project Coordinator at a foster care agency

“I’d recommend them to anyone needing reliable translations.”

“LanguageWorks always meets our needs for translation and localization quickly and accurately, with great attention to detail and quality assurance. I’d recommend them to anyone needing reliable translations.” –John O., Publications Manager, Center for Global Development

“I can do nothing but sing your praises.”

“Amazing work! Please pass on my compliments to both the French and the German translators. I am especially impressed by the attention to detail, the painstaking translations of the tables and diagrams, and the research you did on terms and structures that pertain specifically to the school system in Zimbabwe. I can do nothing but sing your praises. Thank you also for the side notes in the German translation that are welcome indications to corrections to the source document…” –Tozi Madzima, Designer specialized in interior architecture, needing translation for research on a new community-based school in Zimbabwe

“I am eager to work with you…”

“Thank you so much for all your support for the Release 5.7. I just wanted to let you know that we finished our upgrade of the application and I really appreciate your team`s great work on the strings for translation. I am eager to work with you on the upcoming releases.” –Luminita C., Global Technology at a financial services firm

“…I would like to congratulate translators on their perfect work.”

“Again, I would like to congratulate translators on their perfect work. It`s really difficult to translate a document with a combination of information systems and legal and security terms.” –Yuri R., E-learning division at a medical device manufacturer